Small Business Consult

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This consult includes a 15 minute session (if you think you'll need more time, please message us and we can arrange for more time), via Skype or Facetime, We can help you with your questions about sourcing, finding wholesalers, visual marketing, and Instagram or anything else you need help with. We will not help with finances, or tax info, or anything money related. Please note actual names of our vendors will not be revealed. We will simply give you the tools to help you find vendors that suit your business on your own. Legitimate businesses only. We will require a resale # or tax ID (and will look it up) to verify that you are a real business. Once you purchase, you will receive an email to begin coordinating the appointment. In that email there will be a list of your most important questions that must be answered ASAP, in order to prepare for the consult and save time. If after purchase, we review your questions and feel as though it is not within our real of expertise, we may cancel the transaction, and you will be refunded.