Makana Candles

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Hand-poured in-house in small batches using simple, clean ingredients – 100% soy wax, lead-free cotton wicking, and phthalate-free fragrances blended with pure essential oils. No additives, enhancers, colorants, filler waxes, phthalates and petrochemicals added. All ingredients are mindfully sourced in the USA and are vegan and cruelty-free. Product Size:10 ounces Approximate Burn Time:60 hours Vessel:Poured in heavy-weight vessel made with recycled glass Important Tip:Before each lighting (including the first use), trim the wick to approximately 1/4" in height for a clean and even burning experience. Trimming the wick will also help extend the life of your candle. Coastal Cypress: A scent story of a lush, verdant coastline capturing salty, ocean air with conifer trees, and grounded by earthy peppergrass. Notes Top:kaffir lime Middle:sea salt, juniper, cypress, fig, coast redwood Base:peppergrass, moss Grapefruit Lychee: Refreshing and addicting, a citrus accord of grapefruit, pomelo and yuzu, accented by notes of lychee and lilikoi, sweetened with a base of vanilla sugar. Notes Top:yuzu, grapefruit, pomelo Middle:lychee, passionfruit, market peaches Base:vanilla sugar Neroli Blossom: Ourode to old world Orange County, where orange groves were once prevalent and meant that warm summer nights unfolded the most intoxicating floral fragrance. Ours opens up with the sweet aroma of clementine and orange blossom, later revealingneroli and gardenia, followed by a soft sandalwood. Notes Top:clementine, orange blossom, petitgrain Middle:neroli, gardenia, lily Base:sandalwood Pineapple Cardamom: This refreshing scent starts with pineapple, revealing a hintof calamansi lime, along with spicy, sweet notes of cardamom, black pepper and creamy vanilla. Notes Top: pineapple, calamansi Middle: cardamom, guava, black pepper Base: vanilla Coconut Milk: Setting the scene for a perfect island escape: creamy coconut gently layered over a base of Tahitian vanilla and accentedby a hint of rum. Notes Top:rum Middle:coconut Base:tahitian vanilla, sweet cream