Bon Parfumeur Eau de parfum

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F101 - Rose Patchouli Sweet Pea:

Rose and musk, carnal and delicate. A flight of rose petals Damascena, a few bells of lily of the valley, floral air. The green note takes shape and the musks in the background give a soft cottony impression. The patchouli note offers this fragrance a chypre facet. Eau de parfum – 30 ml

Notes: rose, sweet pea, patchouli 


103 – Gardenia Jasmine Hibiscus:

Solar cocktail and soft musks. 103 opens with bright, fresh top notes of bergamot. The heart reveals a more floral character with jasmine, note gardenia and heliotropine. The woody background reveals a milky vanilla trail, associated with solar nuances of tiare flower. Eau de parfum – 30 ml

Notes: tiare flower, jasmine, hibiscus 


202 - Watermelon Currant Jasmine:

Cocktail of exotic fruits, heat and humidity. This scent is a real fruit cocktail built around fresh and watery notes of watermelon and watermelon. The floral facets of white flowers bring velvety and sweetness to the fragrance. Then, a solar and vanilla note develops in the background. Eau de parfum – 30 ml

Notes: watermelon, red currant, jasmine 


001 - Orange Blossom Bergamot Petit Grain:

Eternal Cologne with a floral note. A cologne that offers a sparkling start with a bergamot. In the heart, the lavender note blends with the sweetness of the orange blossom. In the background, the wake of the musks provides a comfortable and delicate effect. Cologne Intense – 30 ml

Notes: orange blossom, petit grain, bergamot 


801 - Sea Salt Cedar Grapefruit

Contrast, warm notes and cold notes. 801 is an aquatic citrus whose flight is transparent. Grapefruit and lemon notes enhance the marine freshness. The ozonic and iodine facets combine with spicy and aromatic accents, giving the composition all its character. It has a powdery wake, dry wood mixed with white musks. Eau de parfum – 30 ml

Notes: sea spray, cedar, grapefruit


601 - Vetiver Bergamot Cedar

Vetiver, fresh flowers freshly cut. #spring #fresh #nofear The 601 plays with hesperidées notes in mind, between the sparkling bergamot and the bitterness of grapefruit. The slightly spicy facet gives pep to the composition. In the background, leather, wood and the characteristic earthy smell of vetiver develop. Eau de parfum – 30 ml

Notes: vetiver, cedar, bergamot 


002 - Neroli Jasmin Ambre Blanc

White flowers are the guest of honor of this airy and light cologne and amongst those, the Queen is the Orange Blossom. Between fresh and gentle, this Cologne opens up with bergamot.  This perfume is built around a bouquet of sensual white flowers and powdered with a persistent floral and zesty orange blossom note that makes its presence felt throughout this olfactive journey.  Everything melts gently in a scented cloud of musk and amber that is subtle, fluffy, elegant, and clean. Eau de parfum - 30 ml

Notes: neroli, jasmine, white amber


003 -  Yuzu Feuilles de Violette Vétiver

At first, this fragrance offers generous minty and zesty notes. Giving one a sudden and crazy desire for a mojito! Its delicate and fresh green tea notes bring an intoxicating lightness. The notes enhance the powdery white flowers. It is a cologne that hides its airy and soft woody playfulness. Elemi notes enchance all the facets of this addictive fragrance, both zesty and woody. A most refreshing olfactory journey. Eau de parfum - 30 ml

Notes: yuzu, violet leaves, vetiver


701 - Eucalyptus Coriandre Cyprès

A sensual amber, woody and spicy.Rosemary and eucalyptus, captivating enssences. An explosion of sparkling and citric notes. The bergamot reveals a zesty facet whereas the grapefruit gives a fruitier note. It associates perfectly with the exotic touch of pineapple. Moreover, the heart note, which is aromatic and lightly spicy, gives character to this composition. At the bottom note, light touches of coffee and tobacco leaves emerge. Some can identify the hiddentouch of cannabis. Eau de parfum - 30 ml

Notes: eucalyptus, coriander, cypress


801 - Embruns Cèdre Pamplemousse

The 801 is an aquatic citrus whose surge is transparent. The grapefruit and lemon notes amplify the marine freshness. The airy facets associate well with the spicy and aromatic accents, giving the composition all its character. Its powdery wake is filled with dry wood and white musk. Eau de parfum - 30 ml

Notes: sea spray, cedar, grapefruit